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By Carolyn Berg | April 11, 2022


Brian Adelman was introduced to the world of trucking from the day he was born. His earliest memories consist of going into the Roadco terminal on Saturday mornings with his dad. Brian was in the passenger seat of Roadco truck # 212, a 1998 International 8100 Day Cab at a young age making cartage pick up and deliveries for a project in the City of Chicago in the early 2000’s to replace the rail lines on the CTA L public transportation system. Brian also had the privilege of riding on forklifts at the loading docks of Roadco. These experiences paved the way for Brian's passion for trucking.

At the age of eight, Brian began playing hockey. Through several years of competitive hockey practices, training, and games, Brian's skills increased and his love for the game grew larger. Splitting his time both on the ice and at the terminal was a challenge. Towards the end of High School was when Brian’s focus shifted from sports to the family trucking company.


Brian attained his undergrad at Illinois State University studying Finance. Brian decided to study Finance because he knew the combination of finance and operations would be successful for later down the road. During Brian's sophomore year of college, he developed operation knowledge by being a part of the dispatch operations during the 2015 Roadco busiest time of the year, holiday peak season.


Post-Graduation, Brian chose to not work for his dad right away but instead, begin working at Coyote Logistics in January of 2018. Working for a brokerage interested Brian because he was able to learn another side of the trucking/transportation business. He knew that once he began working for his dad at Roadco, he would never leave.


Along with many others in the world, Brian, and his family experienced dramatic changes in 2020. Roadco transportation was hit hard by the pandemic and was forced to close operations after 41 years.

The closing of Roadco sparked an idea for Brian to open a new business model, which became Metro Logistics. With the connections from Roadco and Bob Adelman, Brian was able to source customers and vendors.

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