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By Carolyn Berg | April 25, 2022


Donavan Day grew up in Howell, MI. He had a relatively normal childhood playing baseball, running track, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Donavan learned quickly that he needed to work hard to earn money to support himself. From the ages of 16 to 18, Donavan worked three different jobs. His first was working in rentals at Mt. Brighton, next was an outside attendant at Oak Pointe Country Club, and third was a car washer.


Donavan graduated from Howell High School. Following his high school graduation, he attended Lansing Community College to pursue a Psychology Degree. After completing a semester in community college, he was offered a position at Coyote Logistics. Donavan was excited to take on this new opportunity as it would open several doors for him later down the road.


Donavan worked at Coyote Logistics for five years in total. He started in the Drivers Services Department where he tracked shipments for six months. He was quickly promoted to Carrier Sales Representative. His first two years in carrier sales began in the Ann Arbor office. After two years in Michigan, Donavan decided to make the move to Coyote’s headquarters in Chicago, IL. In his final two years at Coyote, Donavan worked closely with Roadco providing backhaul routes for their trucks to get back to the Chicago area. It was during this time that his relationship with Brian and Bob Adelman developed.

When Brain Adelman left Coyote, he continued to remain in contact with Donavan. When the production of Metro was finalized, Brian onboarded Donavan as his first Account Executive.


After joining the Metro team in 2021, Metro slowly started attempting to grow its customer base by cold-calling customers. The customer side of brokering was entirely new to Donavan as he only ever dealt with the carrier side. After calling about 500 different customers, he finally broke through with a customer. The three employees of Metro at the time got all the required documents to send over to the customer to get them set up. Donavan then called roughly 100 different carriers to cover the load. After about four hours of calling carriers, Donavan successfully covered Metro’s first brokered load and after months of dedicated hard work, Donavan has solidified himself as the number one sales representative for the department moving forward.

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