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Updated: Sep 21

By Carolyn Berg | September 12, 2022

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022 is September 11th through the 17th. Acknowledging and thanking all truck drivers is especially important this week. Truck drivers haul 70% of all freight transported annually in the U.S., according to Scott Elgin at Truck Info. Truck drivers are essential for our economy and continue to keep the U.S. moving!


Truck drivers are always on the move. When you’re driving on the road next, be mindful of where these drivers are. Here are some tips to show appreciation for the 3.6 million drivers while on the road:

· Stay visible for truck drivers.

· Allow plenty of room for a driver to merge in front of you.

· Avoid cutting off trucks.

· Watch for wide turns.

· Kindly wave and smile at the truck driver you’re next to.


The goods and resources you need are delivered by truck drivers in nearly every aspect of your daily life. The next time you are cooking a meal, trying on a new shirt, or opening a new TV box, take a second to think of how this product got to your door. It only takes two words to make a lasting impression: "Thank you". Truck drivers deserve recognition not only this week, but all year long for the valuable services they provide. Always be sure to take the time to thank a driver the next time you have the chance!

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