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Updated: Mar 28

By Carolyn Berg | March 28, 2022

Logistics and success flow great together when a brokerage has the correct approach. This blog is going to highlight the best ways to achieve success in the logistics Industry!


Communication is the number one most important aspect of the logistics industry. Traffic happens and accidents happen but when the customer is not informed of late pick-up or deliveries, their operation can have a significant impact behind the scenes that you and your team are not aware of. To avoid miscommunication and disruption between customers and carriers, brokerages need to talk very frequently throughout the day.


Working alongside your coworkers as a team is crucial for success. Having assistance throughout an entire load ensures if there is a mistake, more than one person will oversee it. With the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on in-office operations, we believe sitting next to one another during safe times can create a quicker response for shippers and carriers. This response time gives Metro a competitive advantage in our markets. Creating and sustaining positive relationships at work is critical!


The logistics industry is lacking authenticity and term commitment to initial objectives. Once 3PLs get to a certain number of employees, efficiency tends to deteriorate in comparison to the early days of growth. Instead of hiring only reliable and driven workers, brokerages struggle with needing numbers to fill seats. Once this occurs, turnover can become high. To avoid high turnover and lower accountability to the operation, brokerages need to start out by focusing on understanding the customers and putting in the hours to service those customers first followed by adding to the labor force.


The success of a brokerage starts with the employees. If the workers are willing to communicate, solve problems collaboratively, and execute, there should be limited issues. When talking about transportation, it is important to honor that mistakes will happen, it is about handling that mistake and moving forward. Accepting mistakes is the first step and working through them is the next. Everything is solvable when multiple voices and eyes are on the matter!

“If we don’t have problems in front of us, we aren’t moving enough freight" says Brian Adelman, President of Metro Logistics.

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