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By Carolyn Berg | June 27, 2022


Matt Cramsie grew up in La Grange, IL. Matt kept himself busy as a child playing three sports: baseball, basketball, and football. Matt grew a liking for football the most due to his brother and cousin both playing college football, which led him to play in high school for a couple of years. Matt was taught two valuable skills growing up that always stuck out. First was to treat everyone and everything with respect and secondly, work hard for what you want. These skills were ingrained in Matt, and he continues to take them with him everywhere he goes.


Matt attended Lyons Township Highschool in La Grange, IL. Following High School graduation, Matt attended the College of DuPage from 2019-2021. After taking several prerequisite courses at his community college, Matt decided to transfer to the University of Dayton in Dayton, OH. Matt is grateful he decided to transfer as COVID-19 has settled down and he is able to live a true college experience! Matt is going to be a senior at the University of Dayton in the Fall and will graduate with a Communications Management degree next Spring.


Around the age of 14, Matt began caddying at La Grange Country Club. While caddying, Matt was able to create several connections on the golf course that expanded beyond the course as well. After a couple of years of assisting golfers on the course, Matt began working in the bag room. As a bag room employee, Matt's job was to take care of the members before anything else, and that meant greeting them with a smile first. He would set up the golf bags with the correct tee times for all members as well looking after the driving range and short range. In addition, he cleaned up golf carts and the members clubs after each round.

While Matt was attending the College of DuPage, he distributed his time between classes and work. Matt bussed tables at Milk Stop Restaurant along with being a delivery driver for Enzo’s Pizza. Matt’s determination to keep himself busy and make an income led his maturity levels to exceed many of his age at the time.


Matt began as an intern at Metro Logistics on June 1st, 2022. He caught the interest of our owner, Brian, with his experience at LaGrange Country Club and working with members of the country club. Valuable skills are taught at a country club, it is those who take value from these experiences and translate it to everyday life where you walk away with a lesson learned. Brian knew this himself, as he worked the same roles at LaGrange Country Club during high school. Coming into Matt’s internship, he knew very little about 3PL’s. Within the past month, Matt has learned more about logistics than he could have ever imagined. He enjoys being a part of a team that is constantly busy communicating with several different carriers and customers. He has had the ability to shadow Brian and Donavan closely to see what situations and problem-solving their job entails. After observing several phone calls and emails, Matt is now hitting the phone and making calls with carriers himself! Matt couldn’t be happier for such an amazing learning experience with Metro Logistics. He is confident he sees a future for himself in logistics and will take the information he has learned from the Metro team thus far into his final year in college and a logistics career soon!

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