• Carolyn Berg


By Carolyn Berg | May 9, 2022


Susan Cantrell was born into a military family. This resulted in her living in multiple countries until her father retired and her family decided to settle in Sacramento, California. From there, an opportunity to fulfill a successful business and transportation career was thoroughly in the making.


Susan’s first experience with the transportation industry was in 1988 when she joined FedEx in the Workers’ Comp Department. Working at FedEx was a fun challenge for Susan as she was able to create new connections and develop new skills.


After several years of working in the Workers’ Comp Department, Susan transferred to the FedEx Transportation Dispatch office in Memphis, Tennessee in 2004. At the Transportation Dispatch office, Susan got an opportunity to work closely with key representatives of outsourced transportation companies that provided assets for FedEx operations. These key relationship-building opportunities led to Susan’s ability to work with Brian and the Metro Logistics team.


As 2022 came, it became apparent that Susan wanted to learn something new. Having spent so many years with transportation she thought it would be fun to learn the other side of the industry. As for Brian and the Metro team, this opportunity was an easy decision based on Susan’s prior experience and striving to create further opportunities for Metro’s largest customer. Susan has been with Metro for a month, and she is enjoying her new adventure. It has been exciting for our team to welcome someone with such enthusiasm and transportation experience to our young and eager-to-learn team at the Metro office.

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