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By Carolyn Berg | March 14, 2022

Metro Logistics was founded on August 14th, 2020. Brian Adelman and Rocco Stefanini came together to name, brand and build Metro Logistics Inc.


Metro Logistics name was originated from a subsidiary of Roadco Transportation Services, Inc. (Metropolitan Associates). The initial plan was to call the company Metropolitan Logistics, Inc.. Stefanini’s first key contribution to the entire business was to shorten the name from Metropolitan Logistics to Metro Logistics for marketing purposes. Metro Logistics Inc. started with the approach from a former enterprise customer with Roadco Transportation that needed substitute capacity due to the quick closure of Roadco Transportation in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Brian and Rocco quickly decided to initiate a Carrier-Shipper agreement with Metro's first customer. After our first customer offered a contract, Metro was then approached by another former customer of Roadco to move freight. At that point, it was decided to build out Metro for those two customers specifically. Once Metro’s idea was finalized, Brian recruited Donavan Day, Metro’s first Account Executive.


Brian and Rocco had two intentions for Metro. One, to service customers and carriers better than our competition. Two, to provide employment for people deserving of the opportunity, as well as the ability to be happy with their life and job as work consumes most of one’s time in their life. The combination of these two things is the vision Brian and Rocco have for success in our industry.


Metro Logistics Inc. values reliable and direct communication with our customers and carriers. We thrive on personal relationships that go beyond freight and logistics matters. Metro offers 24/7/365 operation with the ability to problem solve around the clock for carriers and customer in a timely fashion. Our leaders value for hard work has built a reputation with our customers to continue growth for Metro's success.


At Metro, we value attentive responses while offering multiple loads and lanes to carriers. Our current four employees at Metro all come from unique backgrounds that are directly associated with trucking and logistics. This extensive transportation experience across multiple levels of the industry allows Metro to succeed daily. Being only three months into 2022, Metro has hired one new employee, Carolyn Berg, our Marketing Executive. In addition, Metro has just recently hired a new employee, more details will be released in the following blogs!

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