• Carolyn Berg


By Carolyn Berg | June 13, 2022


Chicago is the central transportation hub of the United States supply chain. The original way transportation occurred was by water. Chicago is located on Lake Michigan and is roughly 200 miles away from the Mississippi River which is on the border of Iowa and Illinois. As diesel engines and gasoline-powered engines evolved, Chicago became the central area for everything to be transported. Chicago has an advantage by being next to the Great Plains, allowing for a sufficient supply of trucks to go in and out of the area.


Modern transportation was pioneered in Chicago which caused third-party logistics to be pioneered in Chicago. Being able to connect with asset-based transportation companies gives Chicago 3PL’s great advantages while being centrally located in the country. After observing this success, companies began to build distribution centers along with anything to help facilitate their products within a 30-40 miles distance from the city of Chicago. Now more than ever, generations continue to pass down owning and operating large logistics companies. For example, there are now children who are descendants of leaders at logistics companies who have created their own successful brokerages.


The city of Chicago is home to Metro’s founders. For Brian Adelman, trucking and logistics in Chicago is where it all began. With his connections from Roadco, Brian developed several relationships with individuals in the Chicago trucking industry over the years. Based on Brian’s exposure to the trucking terminal and seeing freight move physically, it became mandatory to remain in Chicago for operation matters.

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