• Carolyn Berg


By Carolyn Berg | March 21, 2022

Freight brokerages became a booming industry less than 40 years ago. The idea that customers can hire third-party logistics companies to broker their freight has become a norm. This line of service became efficient for large and small shippers that had large budgets for transportation expenses. Transportation sells on the concept that a shipper’s main line of service is the product they manufacture or service they provide customers and vendors, dealing with the challenges of getting their product from point A to point B is simply a distraction from their main goal. Third-party logistics providers give these shippers the ability to hand off the challenges of transporting their product, so their resources and capital is allocated towards the product or service that generates them profit.

“Dealing with problems in moving freight is what trucking companies and freight brokerages get paid to do,” said Bob Adelman, former owner of Roadco Transportation. “The difficulties of efficiently moving freight are a key factor to a successful transportation business model.”

The competition and hunger for success intensifies even more so at small hyper-growth 3PL firms. With the effects of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic rippled through our supply chain, transportation companies are becoming crucial to shippers' ability to have product delivered in a timely fashion and ensure their bottom-line profits are consistent with expectations. Relationships between shippers and carriers are valuing the market each day as volatility takes the course through the freight markets.


· Direct contact with customers/carriers.

· Rewarding compensation.

· Quick transactions.

· Negotiation around market conditions.

· Discover and learn new skills that relate across many industries.

· Develop problem solving skills.

· Challenge yourself to find peaks in your abilities.

· Respect for drivers and trucking industry will increase.


At Metro, we passionately believe the integration of advanced technology to give people the tools to build and sustain relationships combined with delivering the best in class care and service is what will provide the best outcome for transportation providers, their customers, and most importantly the carriers who provide the equipment and labor to get the job done.

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